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JAM Creative Productions

Some of the best jingles ever produced come from JAM Creative Productions in Dallas. Enjoy some classic JAM demos and more on this page.

30 Years of Jam

30 Years in 30 Minutes 30 years of jingles from JAM — your Number 1 choice for jingles!

Classic Demos

55 Country (KUSA) (Same package as The Country Original for WSM-AM)
Country Express (KNIX)
First Impression
Follow the Leader
Good Times
Magic Music 2
Metro Country (WHN)
Outstanding (WLS)
You'll Love Our Style

The First 20 Years, Disc 2

Birth of a Jingle (It Takes Time to Make Things)
The JAM Jingle Zoo
Class Action
Shortest and Longest
The JAM Song
20 Years in 20 Minutes

My JAM Personal Cuts

Personal Cuts (from Right Now, Bustin’ Loose and Hot Wired)

More JAM

Be sure to visit the official JAM page at jingles.com for more great downloads, and maybe ordering your own JAM Personal cut.


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