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Off-air Station Montages

CJEX/Toronto (ReelWorld One AC/WLIT logo resings) - thanks Thierry! NEW!
KAGG/College Station, TX (Thompson Creative Today’s Country resings) – thanks Kevin!
KANW/Albuquerque (Thompson Creative Cleveland’s Country resings) – thanks Tommy!
KASE/Austin (TM Century Wide Open Country resings) - thanks Kevin!
KBEQ/Kansas City (Ben Freedman resings)
KBEQ/Kansas City (GMI Class Act resings)
KBEQ/Kansas City (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
KBEQ/Kansas City (TM Century Philly’s Country resings)
KBJX/Idaho Falls (TM Century Kiss This resings) – thanks Tommy!
KBQI/Albuquerque (ReelWorld WCTO resings)
KCDD/Abilene, TX (N2 Effect N2 Xtreme KDWB 03 resings) – thanks Kevin!
KCHZ/Kansas City (N2 Effect N2 Xtreme KDWB 05 resings)
KCHZ/Kansas City (N2 Effect N2 Q102 04 resings) – thanks Mike!
KCMO-FM/Kansas City (ReelWorld WNIC resings)
KCYY/San Antonio (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
KDCD/San Angelo, TX (GMI Media Superhighway resings) – thanks Kevin!
KDRK/Spokane (unknown package)
KEAN/Abilene, TX (ReelWorld KASE 101 resings) – thanks Kevin!
KELI/San Angelo, TX (TM Century Bright Lite resings) – thanks Kevin!
KELI/San Angelo, TX (TM Century ABC A/C 2005 resings) - thanks Kevin!
KEYN/Wichita (TM Century resings: Big Time Honolulu, Evolution, Incredibly Kool)
KFBZ/Wichita (ReelWorld KHMX resings)
KFBZ/Wichita (ReelWorld Christmas ?? resings)
KFBZ/Wichita (ReelWorld Kiss 106.1 Seattle 04 resings)
KFBZ/Wichita (ReelWorld WZPL resings)
KFDI (AM)/Wichita Ol Mike: single cut from the mid 1960s
KFDI-FM&AM/Wichita (JAM A Touch of Christmas resings)
KFDI-FM&AM/Wichita (JAM Right Now, Country Original & New Tradition resings)
KFDI-FM&AM/Wichita (TM I Love My Country, Everybody's Coming Up a Winner & Across the Country resings)
KFDI-FM/Wichita (ReelWorld KNCI resings)
KFDI-FM/Wichita (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
KFDI-FM/Wichita (Thompson Creative Real Sunny resings)
KFKF/Kansas City (JAM custom package)
KFKF/Kansas City (ReelWorld KASE 101 resings)
KFKF/Kansas City (ReelWorld KNIX resings)
KFRG/San Bernardino, CA (Thompson Cr Today's Country resings) - thanks Paul!
KFRH/Las Vegas (ReelWorld WLIT 2007 resings)
KFRX/Lincoln, NE (N2 Effect N2 Mix 93.3 resings) – thanks Mike!
KFTZ/Idaho Falls (ReelWorld Z100 2005 resings) – thanks Tommy!
KGKL/San Angelo, TX (Thompson Creative K102K resings) – thanks Kevin!
KGTM/Idaho Falls (TM Century Big Time Radio resings) – thanks Tommy!
KIIM/Tuscon (Thompson Creative K102K resings) - thanks Paul L.!
KIXY/San Angelo, TX (Kiss 106 Dallas resings) – thanks Kevin!
KIXY/San Angelo, TX (ReelWorld Kiss 102.7 2004 resings) - thanks Kevin!
KJMK/Joplin, MO (ReelWolrd WJXA resings)
KJYO/Oklahoma City (ReelWorld WCTO resings) – thanks Mike!
KKCL/Lubbock, TX (Tony Griffin Super Hits resings) – thanks Kevin!
KKCN/Ballinger, TX (TM Century Ridin with KSCS resings) – thanks Kevin!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (JAM Uni-Que and Quick Qs resings) – thanks Tommy!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (JAM Evolver resings) – thanks Tommy!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (JAM Warp Factor & Turbo Z resings) – thanks Tommy!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (ReelWorld One CHR/Kiss FM logo resings) NEW!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (TM Century More Big Time Radio resings) – thanks Tommy!
KKOB-FM/Albuquerque (ReelWorld Kiss LA 04 & Kiss 107 FM resings) – thanks Tommy!
KKRD/Wichita (ReelWorld KDWB 97 resings) – thanks Bruce!
KKRD/Wichita (ReelWorld Kiss Boston 00 resings)
KKRG/Albuquerque (package ??)
KKSN, Portland, OR (Tony Griffin Super Hits resings) - thanks Paul L.!
KKYX/San Antonio (TM Century Texas Country resings)
KLUV/Dallas (Tony Griffin Super Hits resings) - thanks Kevin!
KLZR/Lawrence, KS (ReelWorld KHMX resings)
KMAJ/Topeka, KS (TM Century Capitol Mix resings) – thanks Mike!
KMDX/San Angelo, TX (GMI Media Class Act resings) – thanks Kevin!
KMXM/Omaha (ReelWorld KASE 101 resings)
KMXV/Kansas City (N2 Effect N2 Kiss 106.1 05 resings)
KMXV/Kansas City (N2EFFECT N2 Kiss Dallas 04 resings)
KMXV/Kansas City (N2EFFECT N2 KDWB 01 resings)
KMXV/Kansas City (ReelWorld resings) – thanks Bruce!
KMXW/Wichita (?? on most of these, weather cut from TC Houston Mix 3)
KNBQ/Seattle, WA (ReelWorld WKDF resings) - thanks Paul L.!
KNEL/Brady, TX (TM Century ?? resings) - thanks Kevin!
KOMA/Oklahoma City (JAM Composite) - thanks Paul L.!
KONY/St. George, UT (ReelWorld KASE resings)
KONY/St. George, UT (ReelWorld KNCI resings)
KONY/St. George, UT (ReelWorld KNIX resings)
KORA/Bryan, TX (TM The Country Leader resings) - thanks Kevin!
KORQ/Abilene, TX (N2 Kiss Dallas 04 & TMCI Detroit’s DRQ resings) – thanks Kevin!
KOXE/Brownwood, TX (TM Century Ridin’ Again resings) – thanks Kevin!
KQCH/Omaha (N2EFFECT N2 KDWB 03 resings) - thanks Mike!
KQKQ/Omaha (N2EFFECT N2 WNCI resings) – thanks Mike!
KQTP/Topeka, KS (JAM Go West resings)
KRBB/Wichita (JAM Christmas Package resings)
KRBB/Wichita (TM Century KVIL Renaissance resings)
KRBB/Wichita (TM Century KVIL Renaissance Update resings)
KRST/Albuquerque (ReelWorld KNCI resings) NEW!
KRST/Albuquerque (ReelWorld One Country/KNCI logo resings) NEW!
KRST/Albuquerque (ReelWorld WSIX resings with KYGO weather cut)
KSD/St. Louis (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
KSOK/Winfield, KS (JAM Air Brakes resings)
KSOK/Winfield, KS (TM Century Texas Country resings)
KSON/San Diego (IQ Beats custom package)
KSRC/Kansas City (N2 Star 94 resings) – thanks Mike!
KSRC/Kansas City (N2 Star 102 ‘04 custom resings)
KSRZ/Omaha (Thompson Creative Houston Mix 3 resings)
KTHK/Idaho Falls (ReelWorld WKDF resings) – thanks Tommy!
KTLI/Wichita (Thompson Creative God Listens resings)
KTLI/Wichita (TM Century Lite 97 resings)
KTLI/Wichita (TM Century More Big Time Radio resings)
KTTS/Springfield, MO (Thompson Creative Today's Country resings)
KTTX/Brenham, TX (TM Rougn & Ready resings) - thanks Kevin!
KUDL/Kansas City (resings of their Thompson Creative “Cuddle” custom)
KUPI/Idaho Falls (ReelWorld KNIX resings) – thanks Tommy!
KUSS/San Diego (ReelWorld KNIX resings)
KXKT/Omaha (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
KXKT/Omaha (ReelWorld WCTO resings) – thanks Mike!
KYGO/Denver (resings of their custom ReelWorld package)
KYQQ/Wichita (Thompson Creative Ultra Hot Country resings)
KZCH/Wichita (ReelWorld Kiss Boston 03 resings)
KZSN/Wichita (reelWorld KNIX resings)
KZSN/Wichita (ReelWorld One Country resings)
KZSN/Wichita (ReelWorld WCTO 02 resings)
KZSN/Wichita (Thompson Creative K102K resings)
KZSN/Wichita (Thompson Creative Orlando 3 resings)
KZSN/Wichita (TM Century Philly’s Country resings)
RTE 2fm/Ireland (Music 4 custom package) NEW!
WACO/Waco, TX (Thompson Creative Today’s Country resings) – thanks Kevin!
WBBM-FM/Chicago (ReelWorld One Kiss 108 logo resings) NEW!
WBCT/Grand Rapids (ReelWorld WKDF resings)
WCBS-FM/New York (JAM Home of the Hits)
WCHY/Savannah, GA (JAM County KHJ resings) - thanks Bruce!
WCMS/Norfolk, VA (ReelWorld KYGO resings) – thanks Bruce!
WCOD/Cape Cod (JAM Hot Wired resings) - thanks Jeff!
WDAF-AM/Kansas City (TM Century Rough & Ready resings)
WDAF-FM/Kansas City (ReelWorld KILT 2006 resings)
WDAF-FM/Kansas City (TM Century KSCS Seven resings)
WGKX/Memphis (ReelWorld WCTO resings)
WHTT/Buffalo (TM Century Philly's Country resings) - thanks Paul L.!
WIBW/Topeka, KS (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
WJYE/Buffalo (JAM Very Nice Resings) - thanks Paul!
WJYE/Buffalo (TM Viking FM resings) - thanks Paul! NEW!
WLYT/Charlotte (ReelWorld WJXA resings)
WMDM/Lexington Park, MD (ReelWorld WODJ resings) – thanks Bruce!
WNIC/Detroit (various JAM cuts)
WOKQ/Dover, NH (TM Century Seven resings) - thanks Jeff!
WQQB/Champaign-Urbana, IL (ReelWorld WKTU resings) – thanks Paul!
WRWD/Poughkeepsie, NY (ReelWorld KYGO resings)
WSKX/Suffolk, VA (JAM Country KHJ resings) – thanks Bruce!
WWKA/Orlando (ReelWorld KASE 101 resings)
WYCD/Detroit (TM Century Texas Country 2001 resings)
WYHY/Nashville (JAM Turbo Z resings) - thanks Travis!
CISS/Ottawa, Canada (ReelWorld Z100 2004 resings) – thanks Paul!

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